Cell Phone Etiquette

Cell Phone Etiquette

Civility surveys consistently list cell phone abuse at the top of the list, and for good reason. Even with all the information available about how and when to use a cell phone, there are those who seem to think their situation is somehow exempt.

We have all been held captive by someone in a public place loudly chatting on their cell phone about their personal affairs. I recently was at an airport waiting for my flight and endured over an hour of listening to a woman who was seated across the room loudly discussing her pending divorce. All of us in the area probably knew more about that woman’s legal and personal affairs than her attorney.

Here are a few reminders to keep you out of the Cell Phone Hall of Shame.

  1. Select a ringtone with a professional sound. Better yet, set your phone on vibrate.
  2. Speak in a clear voice at an appropriate level.
  3. Be aware of background noise.
  4. Avoid multi-tasking when using your phone.
  5. Be considerate of the time you talk. Time is money!
  6. Avoid constantly checking your phone.
  7. Most public areas are not appropriate places to carry on a conversation. Remember the telephone booth?
  8. Avoid wearing your Bluetooth unless making a call. They are not a fashion accessory!
  9. If a call gets dropped, the person who placed the call should be the one to call back.
  10. Never text when driving! This has been shown to be equal to having four drinks before getting behind the wheel!
  11. Limit calls when driving and use hands-free devices. In many states, it’s the law!
  12. Remember, anytime you text or talk when with another person you are saying there is something else more important to you than them. Never a good message.

Here’s to safe and civil communications!

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