Six Tips to Minimize Back-to-School Stress

Six Tips to Minimize Back-to-School Stress

The return to school is a time of excitement and can be a time of anxiety for families. The carefree days of summer have ended and early mornings, long days, and packed schedules resume.

Here are six tips that can help reduce back-to-school stress.

1. Carefully consider everyone’s schedule. What must you add and what can you eliminate? When we fill every moment of the day, it is a recipe for stress.

2. Plan all your meals for the week: breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Organize a shopping trip to gather everything on your list and do as much preparation as possible on the weekend.

3. In the evening, choose the following day’s outfits for you and your child. Have all items set out to avoid last minute decisions. Don’t forget the extra items you need for special activities.

4. Set aside a place that supports good study habits. Every child is unique. Establish what type of environment best supports your child’s ability to learn. Remember, it is the child’s homework, not yours.

5. Make a point to know your child’s teacher. A positive relationship with him or her will provide you with insight on how your child is doing academically and socially. Know how he or she will communicate with you. Ask what things you can do to support your child and their learning experience.

6. Connecting with family members face-to-face is an important part of a balanced schedule. The ideal time is around the family dinner table. Studies show that children who eat with their family on a regular basis do better in school, experience less stress, and are more likely to be emotionally stable.

Most importantly, be flexible and have fun. A happy home creates happy hearts that are less likely to be burdened with stress. Look for ways to make your morning fun.

My singing would never place me on the American Idol stage, but I did sing to my children to wake them up in the morning. While I was greeted with groans for me to stop and heads buried under pillows, we all laughed and our mornings began on a positive note.

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