How to Make Family Mealtime a Reality

How to Make Family Mealtime a Reality

Is family mealtime a burden or a blessing in your home? Most families today, pressed for time, struggle to make family mealtime a priority, and some, have simply given up.

No matter how challenging it may be to gather everyone around the table for a meal, studies show that the effort is worth it. Children who eat regular meals together with their family do better in school, are less likely to use drugs, and are emotionally healthier. Overloaded schedules make gathering around the dinner table each night a challenge for many families. If this describes your situation, consider what you can do. Maybe you could reserve Sunday for family dinners, or maybe breakfast would be a better option. Start where you can.

Here are nine practical tips for creating a family meal.

  1. Involve the entire family in preparing the meal.
  2. Not a master chef? Learn a few simple recipes you can prepare together.
  3. No time for food preparation? Consider purchasing prepared food and serving it on your own dishes.
  4. Think nutrition. What is one thing you could do that would improve your family’s diet?
  5. Set the table and sit down to eat.
  6. Turn off the television, cell phones, computers, and other technical devices.
  7. Practice table manners. Many families use my Etiquette Flash Cards as a fun and easy way to learn and discuss manners around the table.
  8. Encourage positive table talk from all family members.
  9. Involve the entire family in the clean-up process.

The benefits from meals eaten together are well worth the effort. Around the family table manners and civility are learned and lifelong bonds are established.

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