Make Your Dream a Reality

Make Your Dream a Reality

What do you dream of accomplishing? Now imagine that life has no limits. Would you like to learn a new language, master a skill, complete an unfinished project, or launch into something new? How will you feel when you succeed?

What is holding you back? If your answer is time or money, people always find a way to accomplish what they strongly desire. Too often the important is set aside for the urgent. And it is the important that brings long-term fulfillment. Many young people, after graduating from high school, focus on the urgent; they get a job so they can buy a car, go shopping, and enjoy life—instead of making the important choice of attending college or a trade school to acquire the skills they will need to enjoy a meaningful career. This short-term pleasure usually ends in long-term dissatisfaction and pain.

People regularly express how sad it is that our world is not as civil, polite, and well dressed as it once was. They are frustrated by rude salespeople, tired of those who freely chat or text on their cell phones when with others, and long to go to church or out to dinner with people who don’t look like they should be home cleaning out the garage. Although many have a working knowledge of social skills, they wish they had learned more when they were children. They say, “If I were younger and had the extra money and more time, then I would take a class.” We are not getting any younger and what we choose to do with our time and money will determine the life we enjoy.

Eighty-five percent of success in life is based on strong social skills. What if you improved your skills—even just slightly? Is it possible that the quality of your life at home, in the community, and in the workplace might also improve? Over the years I have worked with thousands of individuals who finally chose to make their image and social skills a priority. Without exception, every person experienced greater confidence and enjoyed new opportunities that had previously been closed to them.

Set aside all limits and make a list of the things you would like to accomplish. Then, select one of those items and make a step-by-step plan for how you will proceed. Finally, place it on your calendar—and make it urgent! Accomplishing your dream will make you feel great!

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