31 Days of Civility

31 Days of Civility

May is Global Civility Awareness Month as set forth in Chase’s Calendar of Events. Here are 31 practical ways you can celebrate civility.

1. Say ‘thank you’ at least 5 times. Begin with your family.
2. Be a good listener by making eye contact and being present in every conversation.
3. Smile when you answer the telephone.
4. Hold the door open for the person behind you.
5. Allow another shopper to go ahead of you in line.
6. Drive the speed limit and use your turn signals.
7. Arrive 3 minutes early to every appointment.
8. Volunteer to help a co-worker, family member or friend when not expected.
9. Last to use the toilet paper, copy paper or other item? Replace it.
10. After washing your hands, wipe down sink area.
11. Sincerely acknowledge another’s effort.
12. Elevate your visual image. Dress as though you will meet a very important person.
13. Clean up after your pet.
14. Compliment 5 people.
15. Refrain from checking or using your smart phone when with others.
16. Write 2 thank you notes.
17. Speak well of every person.
18. Place full attention on wait staff as they take and deliver your order.
19. Keep hotel room tidy. Thank the chambermaid with a tip and thank you note.
20. Return all phone calls promptly.
21. Smile at those you pass.
22. Wait to begin eating until everyone has been served.
23. Assist someone in a public place that you don’t know.
24. Keep your comments positive.
25. Return your shopping cart to the designated area.
26. Call someone you have not talked to in a while to see how they are doing.
27. Show genuine interest in those you encounter.
28. Yield the right-of-way to a harried driver.
29. Return items to their proper place after you use them.
30. When making a request, ask, don’t tell.
31. Be kind to yourself.

What is Civility?

Civility Begins at Home

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  1. Hello – I hope to try and follow these daily niceties – some I always do anyway, others may be more challenging – such as letting someone else go first in line -(if I clearly got there first) because it might appear ‘odd’ unless it were an elderly woman, or someone with unruly kids. Hmmm. I want to add that incivility is becoming far too commonplace and it makes the day to day nothing but a grind, wondering what rudeness will be thrust your way. I do try not to follow in kind, but some days you crack under the unrelentingness of it. That is why mindful intention is crucial. Thank you for these reminders.


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