How to Be a Star Traveler

How to Be a Star Traveler

Travel season will soon be with us and for many that will include travel by air. Whether your get-away is for spring break, summer relaxation, a search for a warmer climate or the routine of work, travel can be fun, or it can be frustrating. What makes the difference? Preparation.

Preparation includes more than selecting your destination, purchasing your tickets, securing your hotel and deciding which sites you will visit. While these are important considerations, being prepared for the travel experience is equally important.

Here is a sample of things every star traveler does.

Before you leave home

  1. Pack smart.
    a. Make sure your carry-on meets airline regulations and check-in bags meet weight limits. I use this handheld luggage scale available on Amazon to weight them at home.
    b. Bring only the items that you need. Select clothing and shoes that you can layer and wear interchangeably.
    c.  Invest in travel size items for personal grooming.
    d. Place any creams or liquids you may be carrying on the plane in an appropriate plastic bag prior to leaving home.
  2. Dress smart.
    a. Avoid excessive clothing and accessories that will need to be removed going through security.
    b. Light layers are best so that you can adjust according the temperature on the plane.
    c. Be well groomed – freshly showered, fragrance free.
    d. Casual, comfortable dress is appropriate – sloppy is not.

At the airport

  1. Arrange items so you can quickly move through security. Have your ticket and identification ready to present to TSA.
  2. Travel delays? Be patient and kind. You are not the only one caught in the delay.
  3. Place personal items on the floor or your lap in the boarding area. The chairs are reserved for passengers.
  4. Line up to board the plane when your group is called, but avoid blocking boarding the area.

On the plane

  1. Disinfect your tray table, seat back pocket and armrests. I bring individual Wet Ones for this purpose as I have seen people use the tray table as a pillow and as a place to change a baby.
  2. Be prepared with water and a snack in case your flight is delayed. But, please refrain from bringing food on the plane that has an odor.
  3. Stuck in the middle seat? Good news! You have the right to both armrests, but be kind, share that space as much as possible.
  4. Avoid pushing or pulling on the seat in front of you as well as putting your feet – bare or not – on the wall, in seat pockets or on the seat.

Most importantly, remember that when we fly by air we are sharing a confined space with others. Pack plenty of patience. Be thoughtful. Be kind. And, remember that every action of yours does impact others.

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  1. Linda Savage :

    Thank you for your gentle reminders regarding travel. It seems that just considering how my actions might impact others is a forgotten skill. I also really appreciated being reminded to sanitize my personal space and perhaps I will also to do so again when I leave as a courtesy to the next traveler.


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