Is Your Closet Full and You Have Nothing to Wear?

Is Your Closet Full and You Have Nothing to Wear?

Women love to shop! Well, at least most women. I think I got the male gene when it comes to shopping as it is not my favorite pastime. Most women have more clothes than they know what to do with and yet, every morning they stand in front of their closet and utter, “I have nothing to wear.”

Clothes do two things – they cover and they communicate. Have you ever asked yourself why you choose the clothes you do? If your only goal is not to be naked, then you can easily accomplish that with a gunny sack. It would not be the most comfortable, but you would be covered.

Clothing is so much more. Every item of clothing, every accessory and how you assemble it all, says something about you. What is the message you would like to communicate? Is your clothing supporting your message? In the first few seconds that you meet someone they have already assumed over a dozen things about you. This is known as a first impression and is expressed through your clothing, accessories, hair style, make-up, and body language.

I don’t know a woman who doesn’t want to appear youthful, thin and beautiful. But, wearing clothes designed for a teenage girl, or squeezing into a certain size if it does not fit, will only make you look inappropriate and leave you anything but beautiful.

Your clothes must support both your lifestyle and your fashion style. Do you spend the day in an office or with livestock? Are you sporty/athletic, feminine/romantic, classic/preppy or artistic/dramatic?

Less is more! The 80-20 rule applies to your closet. Typically, you wear only 20% of your clothing on a regular basis and the remainder is left hanging. How many pairs of pants do you really need?

Consider cost per wearing when you shop. Most women have no idea how much they have invested in their wardrobe. Invest more for classic pieces that are well made as you may have them in your wardrobe for many years. Trendy, one season pieces should take up less of your wardrobe budget.

Choose clothes that fit well. Dress for the body you have, not the one you wish you had. Men will not buy clothes that don’t fit them well and they know the value of a good tailor.

The next time you stand in front of your closet trying to decide what to wear think about where you are going, who you will be meeting, and what your goals are for that day. Then, select clothing that will support your goals.

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