2 Keys to Building a Successful Wardrobe

2 Keys to Building a Successful Wardrobe

While the outside temperature is still sizzling, it is hard to think about sweaters, boots, and scarves, but fall is just around the corner. Whether you need to update your wardrobe for school, the office, or just because you love fashion, you want to make great first impressions without spending a fortune.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” When you meet someone, you make this impression in the first few seconds, and that impression lingers, often for years. The good news is that you don’t need an unlimited clothing budget or a huge wardrobe to have a positive effect; you simply need to choose outfits that support your goals and effectively communicate your personality and lifestyle.

In my experience, most people do not plan or budget for their clothing needs. Instead, shopping is viewed as a social event or a relaxing activity. No wonder so many people stand in front of their packed closets each morning, frustrated because they can’t find anything to wear!

Do you have a plan and a budget for your wardrobe? If I were to give you $100 to go shopping right now, what would you buy? Could you check your shopping list to know exactly what you were looking for, or would you simply head to the mall on a random search?

I find that most people have no clue how much they spend on their wardrobes. Sometimes I ask clients to track their wardrobe spending for one year. These clients write the date on a large envelope and, for the next year, they place every receipt for clothing or accessories purchased or received as a gift in this envelope. At the end of the year, they total all the costs. These clients are often surprised by how much they have invested in the items hanging in their closets. A Deluxe Life Skills student said, “After a year of collecting my receipts from clothing purchases, I totaled the amounts. It turns out that I purchased or received $2,630 of clothing. Is this reasonable?”

How much do you spend each year on your clothing and accessories? Do you have a plan for your wardrobe purchases? Is your current wardrobe working for you? Could you benefit from learning a few tips to make your wardrobe more effective? If so, join us for a course in the Art of Confident Living or the Art of Being a Gentleman, or contact us to set up a private consultation.

Knowing your annual wardrobe budget and having a well-thought-out plan for your purchases are essential to creating a wardrobe that meets your needs. Maintaining apparel that effectively supports you and your goals is crucial in making that positive first impression.

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