Trick or Treat Etiquette

Trick or Treat Etiquette

Yes, there is etiquette for everything, including Trick or Treating! Here are 13 quick reminders for all Trick or Treaters:

  1. Wear a costume. This is an essential part of the festivities.
  2. Make certain you are easily seen in the dark. Choose light colored clothing and use reflective items.
  3. Check both ways before you cross the street. This is good advice all year long, but especially important to remember when out Trick or Treating.
  4. Stay with an adult. This is for your safety.
  5. Walk on designated pathways. Homeowners do not appreciate people trampling through manicured yards and gardens.
  6. Respect homes where people do not wish to participate. If the lights are off and the home is not decorated, the homeowner has most likely chosen not to participate.
  7. Knock on the door and say, “Trick or Treat” to the person who answers.
  8. Thank the home owner for the candy gift. Avoid asking for something different or expressing disappointment. Remember, it is a gift!
  9. If a bowl of goodies is placed out for you to help yourself, limit your selection to one item.
  10. Do not push others out of your way. Patiently wait for your turn.
  11. Do not litter. If you choose to snack along the way, dispose of your trash appropriately.
  12. Trick or Treating traditionally starts at dusk and should end by 9:00 p.m.
  13. Please retire when you become a teen. In place of house-to-house Trick or Treating, host a party or attend a festive event. Most teens do not go Trick or Treating with their parents and homeowners are rightfully leery about opening the door to someone who may be an adult in a costume.

Remember, safety is a priority: safe costumes, safe travels, safe exposure to strangers, safe food, and safe fun!

Check out the options in your community for safe Halloween fun. Churches, malls, and community centers often provide great alternatives to door-to-door candy gathering.

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