7 Social Skills Everyone Should Master

7 Social Skills Everyone Should Master

Strong social skills enable you to cultivate respect, goodwill and trust with others. They elevate your confidence, poise and professionalism. They open doors for you like nothing else can.

Where did you learn your social skills? Most people learn social skills from their family as they were growing up. While some may have enjoyed the benefit of parents who were skilled in this area, most have not. Some have attended a workshop or class on etiquette, civility, personal branding, appropriate dress and grooming, or communication, which, can be very helpful, but mastering social skills – like any skill – requires repetition to develop mastery.

Here are seven social skills everyone should master.

  1. Introductions – social, professional
  2. Effective communication skills – verbal, nonverbal, written, technology
  3. Dining etiquette – casual, formal
  4. Host and guest duties – social, professional
  5. Polished appearance – dress, grooming
  6. Awareness of cultural norms
  7. Civility – respect, restraint, personal responsibility

The goal of all social skills is to cultivate trust with others. Without trust, relationships never flourish personally or professionally.

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