A Lifestyle Inspired By Grace

A Lifestyle Inspired By Grace

“The manner, deportment or language which renders a person appropriate and agreeable, suitable and elegant with appropriate dignity.” GRACE as defined in the Webster’s dictionary

Grace. Graceful. Gracious. I love these words. When I think of these powerful words they bring to mind fluidity of life, of movement, of being. My desire is to live a life that exemplifies grace. When others think of me, I want to be remembered as a person who extended grace in all situations. I would like to be thought of as one who communicates gracefulness, not only in movement, but also in the way I approach people with ease and poise. I want others to see graciousness in me, through my kindness, hospitality and warmth.

Many may think of grace as weakness or a purely feminine quality. I think just the opposite. Only a very confident person can live a life of grace. We must recognize that grace is a state of mind through which we view people and situations. It comes from a posture of strength, peace and dignity.

As we live a life inspired by grace we realize that life is not a race. When we do, we move slower and we make the people and the activity we are currently involved with the focus. We don’t overload our schedules, keep our gaze on our mobile device, and constantly beat ourselves up for what we didn’t do. We breath, we taste, we see, we feel, we live.

Grace is seen in our appearance – the way we groom and the clothing we choose to wear. It is seen in our behavior – how we navigate various situations. And, it is seen in our communication – we think before we speak and we truly listen to others.

When we focus on what is important, every person will feel significant, and every situation will be handled appropriately. Real connections will be formed and care for others will be seen as you live a life inspired by grace.

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  1. Lora Creswick :

    I find myself in a difficult place with women employees who are clueless as to their clothing choices for the office! Having had men in these positions before, I have always asked them to wear slacks and shirts without slogans, etc. preferably a button down style shirt and nice jeans on days when we may be doing inventory, etc. Never did I think to have a written policy, unfortunately. Now I have two women who show too much skin in many places- yikes! I need to address this ASAP and came upon your site just now and thought I would ask your advice!

    • You address an issue that most companies find frustrating and why I am called in to present programs on appropriate business dress and behavior. Typically, singling out an individual tends to backfire. Too often, women become defensive and explain how their dress has nothing to do with their performance. If I can assist you with this issue, please contact me at

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