The Power of Real Beauty

The Power of Real Beauty

Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful. This desire is not evil or being conceited; it is part of how you are made.  If that is true, and it is, why do so many women struggle with insecurities about their appearance?

How would you respond if someone you just met told you that you are beautiful? Would you believe them, or would you discount their comment? Maybe you would smile and say, ‘Thank you,’ but in your heart doubt what they have said.

Doubt is often rooted in comparison. If I looked like ________, then I would be beautiful. Every time you compare your reflection in the mirror to the constant flood of perfectly altered photos in the media, and on social media, insecurities take hold. No one can measure up to that – not even the models.

Where is true beauty found? Is it found in the latest skin care product, the ‘it’ outfit of the day, or a physical feature you were born with? Or, could true beauty be something more?

Beauty comes in all colors, shapes and expressions. There is no single measurement for beauty. Every woman is beautiful and can learn how to express her beauty through how she cares for her body, styles her hair and the clothing she chooses to wear.

Perfect does not exist. It is unrealistic and a moving target. True beauty is cultivated and celebrated. It is more than skin deep! When you know who you are, and know how to dress and carry yourself in a positive and respectful manner, others see you as beautiful.

The power of real beauty is seen through your confidence, character and class.

The Power of Confidence

Did you know that a person who communicates confidence attracts others? It is true! A confident woman is seen as more attractive to those she encounters.

Strong posture communicates confidence. Do you stand tall and walk gracefully? Slouching puts strain on your spine and diminishes your power. Before you purchase that next pair of shoes, make sure you can walk in them. Those high heels may be cute, but wobbling down the hall is not.

Are you looking to your friends for confidence? They may not be able to deliver. Chances are they are dealing with insecurities too. As your confidence increases, boost your friends by telling them they are beautiful. It will make you more beautiful.

The Power of Character

Work on your heart as much or more than you do on your appearance. Styles come and go, but your character is who you are.

Take personal responsibility for your words and your actions. Make your word, your bond. If you said you will do something, do it. If you missed the mark, apologize.

Let others know how much you appreciate them. Make a habit of sending hand-written thank you notes.

Check your motives. Are they based on kindness, honesty, gentleness, and patience? People know when they are not.

Do the right thing, even when no one else knows. This is how you live with integrity.

The Power of Class

Having class does not mean being a snob. Class is showing a stylish excellence in all you say and do.

Don’t settle for average, be exceptional. Go the extra mile. Put a bit more effort into how you dress, what you talk about, and how you manage your daily activities.

Polish and practice polite behavior – even if you feel you are the only one. You cannot be beautiful and be rude.

Be generous and sincere with your compliments. Look for the best in those you meet each day. Be quick to extend a helping hand.

When you practice the power of confidence, character, and class, you will be remembered for all the right reasons and be seen as the beautiful woman that you are.

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