How to Create Civil Holidays

How to Create Civil Holidays

The holiday season stirs our memories, our emotions, and our dreams. It’s a time of celebrations, decorations, gifts, and communication. Some people, with overflowing calendars, are stressed by a lengthy to-do list. Others are alone, and the silence and absence of activity is painfully deafening.

No matter what your level of activity is this holiday season, make civility your focus. Pause and really “see” those you come in contact with. Too often, we forget the purpose behind all the activity. Don’t let the “to-do” list become so important that you run over others in the process. Remember, there are many who are lonely, hurting, and in need. You could be the one who brightens their day and lightens their load by a simple act of kindness.

Civility in Public Places

Driving, parking, waiting in lines, and navigating through crowds can make even the sweetest person grumpy. Being thoughtful and polite is not easy to do when you’re stressed. Before you venture out to go shopping, make sure you’re dressed comfortably and you’ve had a bite to eat. Pinched toes and growling stomachs do not make for good attitudes. Before you can care for others, you must first care for yourself.

Civility is Giving

Civility is giving of yourself to others. Be on the lookout for creative ways to be kind. Family members should top the list. Treat those closest to you at least as kind as you would a stranger. A kind word, a helping hand, or a smile can be an unexpected gift that brightens another person’s day.

Twelve Days of Kindness

This holiday season, give the gift of kindness. On your own, or with your family, make a list of twelve random acts of kindness you can do during the holiday season. Starting with Day 1, see how many times you can do that random act as you go about your day. Maybe it would be opening the door for others. On Day 2, move to your second random act of kindness. It might be letting someone go ahead of you to make a purchase, or paying for a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you. Keep a journal of each act, how you felt, and how others responded.

The gift of civility, given from a caring heart, has the power to change the reality of those touched. Maybe twelve days will turn into a year of random acts of kindness!

Caught in the Act Civility Cards are a great way to acknowledge another person’s act of kindness!

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